Thursday, September 4, 2008

Toronto Beerfest 2008

Well, the summer has been really slow for job hunting, but a friend of mine I used to work with at Canada's Wonderland  contacted me to help him airbrush shirts at the Toronto Beer Festival so I was more than happy to take this opportunity. This was a four day event, from August 7-11th, Thursday to Sunday. We were airbrushing the shirts for Red Stripe beer, they requested us to go with a musical theme, so Randal made stencil designs of DJ silhouettes with their logo to go on each shirt. We did not expect there to be a lot of people around because of the weather, but we managed to paint almost 300 shirts out of the 500 that they ordered. 

So to sum it up, we had some fun, and the Red Stripe people were satisfied with the results and they will likely ask us to come back next year.